Aiden and Sonam

Published By on July 14th, 2005 in Edge Insider

Unless you’ve been to the Edge for a visit with Tibetan Monks, it is impossible to describe the essence of this event fully for you. Today on my ride to town for a CBC Radio interview with Ontario Today’s Kathy Stackelberg, I asked Sonam (the monk interpereter) to talk with me on a mp3 recording for to give some insight to lisenters into what it’s like to come to the Edge to teach Tibetan Buddhism and travel around the world sharing with all sorts of people the teachings of the Dali Lama and sharing ceremonies and rituals with people including making sand mandelas and doing performances.
Incidentally you can year the CBC interview on Friday (tomorrow) or Monday afternoon across Ontario on CBC Radio 1.
Included above is a picture of Sonam holding my grandson Aiden at the Edge. Also a picture of Edge guests taking the opportunity to pick up some treasures from Tibet…
Stay tuned for new pictures from Sand Mandela creation, rituals, and performances on the lakefront.
It’s still not too late to join us for part of this memorable event.