En Route to Winnipeg

Published By on July 5th, 2005 in Edge Insider

Busy days continue at the Edge. Martha and I just said goodbye to attendees of a business retreat and it’s time for another!
Anna Gibson and Mark Van Kooy lead this one for an executive team from Toronto and New York.
This weekend is very busy as well, with our first Quest for Balance Retreat, which is pretty much at its capacity for a Sea Kayaking and Yoga retreat at the Edge. As well, a big turnout for a Morning Tea with Moose Canoe Trip, only a couple of spaces left for this one.
So what would you guess, Martha and Todd are up to with such a busy program ahead? That’s right, we’re on the road for a getaway to Winnipeg. It’s the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and we’re in Sault Ste Marie right now on the first night of the journey.
We’ll be checking in occasionally and capturing some audio for a podcast report when we return.
Be well everyone back home!
A quick pic from Petroglyphs park showing the thousands year old image of a sea monster that is the logo on Martha’s Bluewater Canoe!