Algonquin Park Dreaming

Published By on August 13th, 2005 in Edge Insider

It’s been a dreaming kind of weekend at the Edge. Martha Lucier and Chris Sheridan just returned from a 5 night Vision Quest in Algonquin Park. (see images) While Martha is considering offering a fall Algonquin Park vision quest, guests are arriving today to travel in Algonquin Park for a Week with founder and dream researcher Craig Webb on our DreamQuest Canoe Trip.

Jill Boschulte is leading the Tom Thomson Experience in Algonquin Park today, as her group of adventurers heads to North Tea Lake, Algonquin Park for some artistic inspiration. Vicki has packed a wonderful picnic lunch so they can spend some extended time soaking in Algonquin Park and creating their own artistic creations ala Tom Thomson.

Others are in Algonquin Park for canoe trips with Cindy (North Tea Lake) and Jen and Meagan (visiting Nahma & Craig Lake for a Wolf Howl Canoe Trip.