OK, Wendy and Mark, I survived

Published By on August 7th, 2005 in Edge Insider

We have had quite a weekend. Wendy was called into action to guide a canoe trip with Rob (Dudly), Jen and Cindy this weekend, her first since June. With the South River Festival of the Arts kicking into gear this weekend, and a retreat ending, new folks arriving it was time for me to take my turn in the hot seat at the Blue Canoe.

As the store filled with ArtsFest shoppers, the phone was ringing with canoe trip inquiries and registrations and email registrations needed responding to. It kept me hoppin’ and as Wendy says, “It’s summer!?!.”

I just want everyone to know that I’m deeply thankful for the efforts put forth in this wonderful space to ensure that everyone gets the info they need (guests and staff). To Wendy and Mark, “great job” keeping things ticking along.

Now I look over and see that I’ve brought my wheels to the office today. I’ll be riding my bike the 22 km back to the Edge in lieu of a run tonight. Hot digety dog, let’s ride!