2 Year Training in Advanced Shamanism at the Edge

Published By on September 28th, 2005 in Circle Stories From The Heart

I am getting ready to facilitate my first Advanced Two Year Shamanism Training at the Edge beginning in October. I am really excited, and am overwhelmed with the number of applicants, and interest.

One of the questions that I have been asked, is how this training might be different then other extended shamanic trainings that are offered.

The Edge is my home, where I invite many groups of people to come and practice shamanism. As visitors to my home, participants gain respect and understanding of how shamanism is lived out in my life.

Participants also have an opportunity to spend time in nature near beautiful Algonquin Park. Whether kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing or skiing, our mission is to provide experiences in nature that help us rediscover ourselves, empower one another and heal our connection to the earth.

Most of the other trainings that I am aware of take place in the United States. There are very few Canadians who participate in extended Shamanic trainings outside of Canada due to distance and cost.

Many of my peers in the U.S. live close to each other, where they can get together frequently. The Edge 2 Year Program is drawing participants from Ontario primarily and will be a small group of dedicated people, who will be a support system to one another during the training and once the training is completed. Due to the fact that we will be a small group, we will be able to provide experiences in nature that are difficult to achieve with a larger group.

To help maintain connections, besides meeting 4 times a year, I am providing online mentoring to participants in the 2 Year program for an extended period of time during and following the training.

I will be drawing from what I have learned in the F.S.S. 3 Year, as well as the training I am presently engaged in with Sandra Ingerman, to create a program that is enriching, empowering and healing.

The first year we will be working on developing our relationships with one another, and our spiritual allies. The second year we will be focusing on working on behalf of others, and learning various Shamanic Healing techniques.

If you are interested I invite you to follow the link provided to the 2 Year Application http://www.shamanismcanada.com/2%20Year%20Training%20Application.pdf

May the emerging fall colours reflect to you your own beauty and light. Blessings. Martha


“It’s not what we do, but who we become that changes the world.”
~ Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth

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