Scott and Christine Summit in Maine!

Published By on September 30th, 2005 in Edge Insider

A couple of staff at the Edge have found their way to Washington DC as Christine Tinker just organized the first Ecotourism in the US conference for the International Ecotourism Society.
Scott Shaler helped out greatly and the event was a monumental success. I was lucky enough to share the event with these good friends.
Later the pair of intrepid edgy travellers did some hiking including the occasional summit, all with some well blistered feet on Scott from joining me for the Bar Harbor Half Marathon the day before.
Miss you guys!

By the way, Wendy happens to be doing a bit of globetrotting herself these days in Europe. If you phone our office it’s Mark, Mark, Mark on the phone! Wendy back early in October. Hang in there Mark, just 10 more sleeps till Wendy’s back.