Take the Step the Bridge will be there

Published By on September 16th, 2005 in Edge Insider

I’m in Bar Harbor, Maine watching bird life on the intertidal zone as it’s low tide. Today I went for a walk during a break with Scott Shaler, a 2004 guide at the Edge who is here helping Christine Tinker who has largely organized and managed the International Ecotourism Society US Ecotourism Conference.

Scott is an avid cycler and one time serious marathon runner…. the conversation turned to the Saturday half marathon here in Bar Harbor. “Hey Todd, want to run it?”

I’ve got to say I had hesitation, and now I have the butterflies of anticipation as Scott and I are on the waiting list for the 400 runner event that winds its way for 22 km through Acadia National Park.

Scott will be my shepherd on the course by slowing his pace to run by my side at least for a while.

I’ve run 10-11 k occasionally over the past few months and biked the 22 km from South River to the Edge, so I know what the distance is, even if I’ve never actually completed it before. Fingers crossed that we make it to the start line due to a dozen no-shows.

I have about four hours to finish the race in order to make my flight, but I realistically should finish in 2 hrs 30 mins. It’ll be my first race and I promised Scott he could do a podcast interview with me afterwards. Wish me luck.