Happy birthday Mozart

Published By on January 27th, 2006 in Edge Insider

Since it’s Mozart’s birthday, I thought I’d drop a message about the importance of creativity. For many, the creative juices just flow while for others it can be a little less than inspiring to express oneself with creative tools in hand, be they pencil and paper or paint and canvas.

Here at the Edge, the creative spark is something we try to light with every guest.
Whether gathering with others with djembe drums or other percussion instruments as part of a campfire Wahoo! or playing with watercolours, creating nature sculptures, balancing stones, making masks, weaving, designing mosaics, making dreamcatchers, sketching maps or countless other creative endeavors – the action of creating can be a transformational personal experience.

This is especially true for those who don’t normally express themselves this way.

This summer, the Tom Thomson experience, is one of many creative opportunities that await. Quest for Balance – our seakayaking and yoga retreat features NIA dance, a creative movement experience with a number of improvised dance movements.

Even guests who come for one of our scheduled canoe trips are assured to go home with what might be a personally inspiring creative project they completed while visiting the Edge.