Thanks to the Sour Toe, I’m a Sourdough!

Published By on April 29th, 2006 in Edge Insider

Dawson City, Yukon – Martha and I are in Dawson City, Yukon for the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon Annual Conference. Hearkening back to a time at the turn of the Century, Dawson seems like a movie set. With wooden boardwalks, dirt streets, false front buildings and interesting people around every corner, the past comes to life.

Yesterday evening was punctuated by my SourToe Cocktail- Yukon Jack Whiskey consumed with an amputated toe. To successfully be recognized as a sourdough, the toe must touch the lips. Not wanting to miss out on a technicality, I let the toe swirl around in my mouth before depositing it back in the glass for the next initiation!

. . . and so, I am a member #20985 of Captain Dick’s World Famous SourToe Cocktail Club at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City Yukon. If you visit, look me up in the registration book!