Dragonflies and Blue Canoes

Published By on May 24th, 2006 in Edge Insider

It was a cool long weekend, not so great for putting our new Blue Canoes on the water. But this week clear skies and warm temperatures will make putting the boats in the water a priority!
Swift Canoe, our local canoe manufacturer has put these Algonquin style canoes together for us. They are light an have beautiful yokes for managing our short portages into Algonquin Park. (photos shortly)

Yesterday, Martha was busy arranging the plants for the gardens. Of course the tulips are in full bloom and the bedding plants will add even more colour to the green landscape. Martha was purely ecstatic yesterday when she spotted the first dragonfly of the season. You know that bodes well for keeping the bugs at bay. As eater of black flies and mosquitoes, dragonflies are a spring outdoor person’s best friend.