Gord is Right, you might be missing the best week of the Year

Published By on May 4th, 2006 in Edge Insider

I just peaked at Gord Baker’s Algonquin Outfitters Blog at http://algonquinoutfitters.blogspot.com …. nice post title and to many of us true.
This week, the green dominates the shorelines as the maple trees bud out.

This time of year is great for hiking or portaging because bugs are pretty much non-existent.
Colourful spring flowers are blooming in the forest too. Yellow Trout Lilies are struggling up as well as spring beauties. Soon our forest will be covered in red trillium. Few of the White Trillium as pictured at left are to be found in our neighbourhood. Quite the sight when all in bloom.

Last weekend, Greg, Kara and others spent some time sprucing up one of the Forgotten Trails to get it prepared for spring hikers.

Occasionally walking in the forest I can hear the ground cover shifting as the young flowers struggle to see the sun. I’m not kidding. It sounds a bit like Rice Crispies in the bowl.
Another sound that stirs the soul is the spring peepers. Around every bend in the road where a pond exists, these small pond frogs are creating a nightly chorus – some would say din, that cannot be enjoyed to its fullest any other time of the year.

In the next few weeks we’ll have bug-out. So we’re getting out and enjoying the warm spring temperatures.

On the Blue Canoe front we are excited to welcome Monica McCommiskey to the post of Blue Canoe Manager. The retail store is undergoing massive change as the retail space has pretty much doubled in size with our office moving next door. Come on in on Monday and meet Monica if you are in the neighbourhood.

Martha is off to a training retreat in New York this week, so we’re having a bit of a party at the Edge. The Sheridan Band is coming to town and they are performing in North Bay on Saturday Night. The Sheridan’s are good friends who have been helping kick off the spring Black Fly Hunt for the past two years in South River. Haven’t heard of the Black Fly Hunt? Check out the site, it’s Canada’s Best Small Town Event.