English Language is Missing a Word

Published By on June 3rd, 2006 in Compass Connections

I’m sure in some culture, some dialect, some language there is a word for what I’m thinking of today. . . but not in English.
Often in work or home life we are engrossed in our own activities, striving for a feeling of personal accomplishment or did-it-ness. In team work, we are faced with an opportunity to share success with others. Such team wins often require the team to make the most of the unique talents of each individual. This requires sharing responsibility, trusting each team member to do their best making use of their unique collection of skills, talents, and abilities.

But distribution of tasks does not lead to automatic success, even with the most accomplished team members making the most of their talents, there is another element that is above all most important.

A Shared Yes.

And that is the word that is missing in the English language.

A Shared Yes is a powerful thing, something that goes beyond teamwork. Beyond a shared goal. A shared yes requires a deep belief that the objectives are worth striving for, that the means to achieving them are distributed within our team, and that only by working in synergy with others it will be possible to achieve our goals.

A Shared Yes requires team members to define the goal together, to recognize the skills talents and abilities that can be drawn out of each individual, and commit to a comprehensive plan for achieving that goal.

There is nothing quite like a shared yes, and there is no word in the English language that quite captures its essence.

Just think about it:
What projects are you working on that others might help you define or refine the goal on?
What skills talents and abilities waiting in others could be put to better use?
Who do you have an affinity with, that you could have a shared strategy-development session with?