What we all ache for…

Published By on June 16th, 2006 in Circle Stories From The Heart

A few months ago a friend of a friend passed away. Over the years while visiting with my friend “Maria”, I would hear stories of how her magical community of friends shared their passions with one another. I heard stories of the “Dream Circle” where they shared their nighttime dreams with one another, very gently supporting the dreamer to discover what the dream meant to them. One of the women expressed an interest in singing, and so they created a “Singing Circle” they called the “Unchoir” providing a safe place for those who felt they could not sing.

When one of the members of this community found out she had breast cancer, some of the group created a healing circle. Maria shared “Over the years this circle evolved, into a place of refuge and tender hearted acceptance. In the glow of beeswax candles, we formed a circle and held vigil with each other in meditation, with the occasional prayer or song and quiet words exchanged. From early on we learned the value of placing our hands, first on our beloved friend, and then on any one of us in need.”

I remember a time when the friend who was sick had to go for treatment away from home. She received a message or gift each day from a member of the circle reminding her of her light.. her beauty, and her gifts. Reminding her that she is loved and supported.

I am in awe of the generous circle of support that this group of friends created. I am in awe of the community that came together to sing, rejoice and celebrate her life and each other. I feel the ripples of this circle, like sparkles of light emmanating out and touching the hearts of many.

This is what I believe we all ache for…. a loving circle of friends and family…. a safe container to expose our vulnerabilities, and share our talents…..a place we can truly call home.


“It’s not what we do, but who we become that changes the world.”
~ Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth

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