Digital Camera Overboard – Now what?

Published By on July 13th, 2006 in Edge Insider

Earlier this week we had the good fortune of having a second digital camera go overboard!
Good fortune you say…. no I do not misspeak.
The first wet camera, well that was a drag, no getting that one to turn back on.

A few days later upon exiting the canoe, Emily accidentally dropped her digital camera in the lake.

However, my brother happened to be visiting and he heard from some ‘wet camera’ expert that if you can fill the camera with alcohol, it will displace the water and when it evaporates it won’t leave those nasty oxygen molecules responsible for corrosion of electronic parts.
So, into the zip lock full of rubbing alcohol went the camera. Full dip. I flipped it around and around and let the alcohol get deep inside all the parts.
Then, I let the alcohol drain out and set the camera to dry.

Emily turned on the camera later the next day, and voila! It works.

Now, I’m not saying you should intentionally dunk your camera, but if you have the misfortune, reach for the rubbing alcohol and the zip lock as soon as you are back to shore!

By the way, we’re seeking to replace our digital camera fleet to provide our guests with a complimentary camera to use on their trip. We post the pictures online at: and our guests can download them once they return home.