Time Out…side

Published By on October 16th, 2006 in Edge Insider

Recently I have been very busy here at the Edge, at home renovating, taking a course, volunteering and family events. They are all a lot of fun but there are days that I feel overwhelmed and need to just sit, think and reconnect with the ‘ground’. Even though I have the benefit of living in the country, surrounded by trees and a clear view of the sky I sometimes have to force myself to just stop and admire the world around me. The last week we had a gorgeous full moon that lit up the whole sky and created a golden path to follow through the bush. One night I was so tiered- I had been up until 2am working and was ready to go to bed- but the moonlight pouring through my window called me out into the cool night. I just walked in the moonlight and stopped to stare up at the night sky. It was beautiful. Nothing profound happened that night- but it was something that I needed. A feeling that is hard to describe in words but something that I as a human need to experience- the moon and the twinkling stars had a calming effect. Many people practice earth based therapy and I think that there is a definite value in developing an understanding and comfort with the natural environment. People may be able to understand my moonlit walk and its ability to help me relax but some people also enjoy standing in rainstorms to help them deal with life’s stresses. Whether it is clear sunny days or windy nights that call you out of your house or office- I think you should listen- take the time that you need- I think there are definite positive impacts and your mental health may benefit.