A Babymoon Retreat

Published By on March 27th, 2007 in Edge Insider

These days if you walk into the Edge office you might be greeted by two round women- nibbling away on snacks. Not sure what was in the water this fall but both Wendy and I ended up pregnant.

We do a lot of talking about our current pregnant state these days, as well as how we plan to raise our babies and how we plan on maintaining happy relationships with our husbands. Apparently the new trend is for expectant parents to take a ‘babymoon’- to get in a final trip as two before becoming three. While doing special things with your partner is really important- it is also important to spend time on yourself and thinking about how you are going to keep your identity as a women and an individual. This is the focus of our program New Beginnings- it is a babymoon for yourself!