Faces of the Forest

Published By on March 13th, 2007 in Edge Insider

I was stepping out on my very first solo snowshoe hike, I will admit I was feeling a little anxious, but knew it was the next step for me. With camera in hand I headed for the trail I had travelled many times before with Greg, Hardwood Heaven.

With every step that took me closer into the forest I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and respect that I had not experienced before. Heightened awareness brought a new realization of the living forest to me. With new eyes I began to see faces in the trees, everything from sharks and birds to Homer Simpson and crocodiles.
Capturing these images on film has allowed me to linger on the faces and see even more.
Walking in the forest has taken on a new meaning for me since that experience, I enter with great expectation and calmness knowing there are many friends out there waiting to reveil themselves, if I am willing to watch and listen.

Here, I have posted a shot for you to look at. What do you see?