The Tom Thomson Experience: Aug 9-12, 2007

Published By on May 25th, 2007 in Edge Insider

The email newsletter from Robert Glen Twice sums up the essence of an art retreat amid Ontario’s nature. In fact what he describes below is his own Tom Thomson outdoor art experience.

“I’m not pretentious or even that proud of the stuff I do in the bush. But there’s something mind-bending about the outdoor act of art. I recommend it to anyone on any day, birth or otherwise. First, there’s the grace that overtakes you when you leave your other world and get onto the bosom of nature. I often think it’s more a matter of inhaling than rendering. When you find the spirit of a place, you need to honour it–and you bend your mind to do so. The brush slows but the heart quickens.

Second, there’s the ease in which things flow when there’s nothing riding on the outcome. It’s pure play when you let it happen. For some inscrutable reason, the “zone” is more happily found when the lone painter has nothing much to lose. Third, there’s this remarkable sense of event. It’s like catching a wild salmon as compared to buying one in a fish shop. There are sounds, odours, movements–I’m sure the very air contributes to composition. The outdoor art event builds parameter and anecdote and carries more memories per minute than any incandescent room. I’m not saying plein air is everything, but it’s more than a breath of fresh air. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on. For the maker of art, it’s the breath of life.”
robert glen twice.

The Tom Thomson Experience Art Retreat at our Algonquin Park nature retreat is an opportunity to explore some of these feelings for yourself. I think the magic Jill Boschulte brings to facilitating this event inspires attendees to let loose and come away with some inspiring pieces.