Seven Wonders by Canoe

Published By on June 8th, 2007 in Edge Insider

Northern Edge Algonquin celebrates with 7 Special Algonquin Park Canoe Trips

Canadians have an opportunity to experience first hand the seven wonders of Algonquin Park, accessible only by canoe, and discover why the canoe was selected as one of Canada’s Seven Wonders in a national contest this week.

It’s fantastic that the canoe is one of Canada’s seven wonders, since it’s known around the world as a Canadian symbol. But surprisingly, a lot of Canadians don’t know how magical canoeing really is. It’s a mode of transportation that opens up a whole world that is inaccessible by any other means.

To give Canadians an opportunity to experience the wonders of canoeing, our team at Northern Edge Algonquin have created seven special canoe trips through Algonquin Park and until June 15th, these trips are available at a special seven wonders rate:

1. See moose up close on the Morning Tea with Moose canoe trip;
2. Listen for spine-tingling wolf howls on the Wolf Howl canoe trip;
3. Get to know a Canadian Art Icon and express your creativity on the Tom Thomson Experience;
4. Experience the fall colours far from the bus tours on the Heart of Gold canoe trip;
5. Feel the rush of water on the Waterfalls, Wanderings and Watercolours canoe trip and enjoy time in private pristine waterfall rapids;
6. Barron Canyon with cliffs rising high above deep blue waters is showcased on the Jack Pine canoe trip; and
7. Get away from it all on Seeking Solitude, a 7 day canoe trip.

Each of these canoe trips is a wonderful way to re-tune the body, mind and soul. “They are safely led by experienced adventure retreat facilitators. And since they’re on calm, flat water, they’re ideal for anyone, no matter what your level of canoeing experience.