Live Earth – Take the Pledge

Published By on July 16th, 2007 in Edge Insider

Did you hear about Live Earth? The global party in support of action to stop global warming took place at parties and events in more than 10,000 homes and communities including Northern Edge Algonquin.

Are you interested in helping carry this movement forward and force our leaders to take action.

Consider taking the first step today and make sure every single person possible joins us. That’s why, right now, Al Gore is inviting us to email five friends, asking them to sign the Live Earth Pledge by visiting:

“All of the actions we take from here on out to solve the climate crisis will be based on a simple premise: our home, Earth, is in danger. We don’t risk destroying the planet, but instead risk making it inhospitable for human beings.

The world must come together and direct our governments to take on a global challenge. Our leadership is a precondition for success.

We need to demonstrate that we have reached the tipping point where political will demands our representatives take action to solve the climate crisis. That’s why it’s so vital that millions of people sign the Live Earth Pledge.

Ask five of your friends to sign the Live Earth pledge today by visiting:

The climate crisis offers us the chance to experience what few generations in history have had the privilege of experiencing: a mission; a compelling moral purpose; a shared cause; and the thrill of being forced by circumstances to put aside the pettiness and conflict of politics and to embrace a genuine moral and spiritual challenge.

Please email five of your friends right now. Ask them to join us in this cause and sign the Live Earth Pledge today by visiting:

Our work begins now.

Thank you, “

Al Gore