3rd Two Year Winter Gathering

Published By on January 30th, 2008 in Circle Stories From The Heart

We just finished hosting the 3rd 2 Year Advanced Shamanism Winter Gathering, where 15 participants gathered at the Edge. Our theme was exploring the Light and Shadow within. We had a perfect day for snowshoeing and skiing, and during our afternoon break we ventured out to explore the islands where Tom Thompson frequently visited. We performed a ceremony to honour the light within us which culminated by igniting several ice lanterns in the ‘Garden of Gratitude’, where we gave thanks to the helping spirits, spirits of the land, nature spirits, the directions and our ancestors for the support they continually offer us on our healing paths. On this beautiful evening, I gave special thanks to my father on the 10th anniversary of his passing. I feel so very blessed for the abundance and beauty in my life.
May you enjoy much deep peace through out the year. Blessings. Martha


“It’s not what we do, but who we become that changes the world.”
~ Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth

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