Calling All Partners!

Published By on March 12th, 2008 in Edge Insider

If you haven’t already hear the Edge has faced some major changes over the past year. Program changes, staff changes, store changes, and now our business model changes. The Edge is open to PARTNERSHIPS. This is new but a model we are excited to explore. Through staff meetings, mini meetings, and brainstorming sessions we’ve sent the message out. The Universe knows what we’re looking for and knows we’re serious about it. And let me tell you the Universe is forwarding all her calls to me!

I believed it was going to get really quiet in the office. Todd is travelling, Martha is managing the Eco-Lodge and working on Shamanism Canada so I am here alone. The truth is it is quiet…except for the ringing. Over the past three weeks I have received more calls from coaches, facilitators, community groups, corporations, students, teachers, and even a make up artist or two looking to partner. So keep the calls coming Universe, we’re open for business!