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Published By on May 8th, 2008 in Edge Insider

Hope this finds you all well and excited with the immersion of spring bouncing underfoot. We, at Northern Edge Algonquin are joyfully preparing for another amazing season of yoga retreats, sea kayaking adventures, and women’s only yoga retreats in Ontario. The most attended and sought after yoga retreat is “Quest For Balance”.

These trips merge the exhilaration of sea kayaking on the still waters of Lake Kawayamog, in Algonquin Park with the all the supportive and rejuvenating aspects of daily yoga practices. Imagine, waking in the morning to the call of birds and the pulse of the world awakening with you, meeting your yoga mat placed with intention on the dock surrounded by still, waters and mystic morning fog…here you will greet the day on the edge of Algonquin Park. After a day of sea kayaking the waters of Lake Kawayamog we will once again be greeted by our yoga mats, allowing our yoga to be a balm to muscles that long to stretch and lungs that yearn for deep breath.

The fusion of these activities give us a forum to stretch wide open and play, by taking on challenge we remember the joy of learning and by learning how to retreat and restore we are moving ourselves closer to balance.

This season we will be adding a fresh twist of creativity and surprise to our trips such as; an on site reflexologist, Vicki Arsenault will be available for treatments to deepen and personalize your retreat. Also our returning Kayak guide Kate Moore will share with us some life coaching exercises to support our own personal quest for balance. To deepen and explore your yoga practice I will also like to make myself available to help create a home practice or support you in the challenging pose you always wanted to try, and also help you to work with any on going injury or disease within your yoga practice.

These trips are sure to inspire and invoke us to move more deeply into stillness and Balance. Northern Edge Algonquin offers the best of Yoga retreats in Ontario.

Quest For Balance…. June. 27-30, July. 10-13, Aug. 1-4, Aug. 29-Sept. 01

Quest for Balance 2 this year will not be taking place… we are mapping out a new shape and course for this trip for the future so please keep posted as we move along.. I am trusting that when things dissolve what will be created in its place will be an even more inspiring yoga adventure.

I am very excited to introduce a new Yoga Retreat this season called; “Yoga Rhythms” Yoga, Drumming and the Internal Rhythm. I will be co-facilitating this retreat with an amazing women and Drum Workshop Facilitator Nicole Phippen. We will be thoroughly and completely learning drumming rhythms from around the world such as, Africa, Cuba and Brazil. Nicole will take us through step by step the hand rhythms, songs and dances from thier corresponding countries. We will also learn the importance of how to listen and play as a community. Our Yoga practice will mirror this idea of internal rhythm, how we can learn to move with instinct and intuition opening ourselves to our own internal rhythm and allow it to shape our yoga practice. We will create evenings of music, magic and rhythm drumming by the fire under a blanket of stars. This yoga retreat at the edge of Algonquin Park will bring us closer to the pulse of the earth and move us from the inside out!

“Yoga Rhythms” July 3-6

As you can see we have an exciting season of events planned and it is my hope to see you here at the Edge. E-mail me today and register at [email protected], call the Edge toll free at 800 953 3343, and visit us online for a complete listing of events at

The basic invitation is to move gently and with exquisite attention to wherever one finds a limit or boundary. This is true balance. The challenge is to be with the breath all along the way.

Be Well..

Wendy Martin ( Algonquin Yoga Goddess)