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Spring 2008

Changing the Dream

Hello Friends,

Owl at Northern Edge Algonquin/Shamanism CanadaAs spring melts the snows of winter layer by layer, we are invited to consider what needs to melt away and what new seeds wish to be planted? For a few months now, I have been through a process of clearing away what no longer fits making room for new life. I feel urgency in the air to clear anything that keeps me from engaging in the purpose that lies in my heart…anything that keeps me from dreaming new dreams for the myself, others and the Earth.

We had a very rare and exciting visitor to our home the other night. Just as we were preparing to sit down to our dinner, I saw the most beautiful owl sitting on a tree limb a few feet from our window. My son and I delighted in watching this beautiful creature, when it decided to come closer! It landed on our porch railing. It was there for about an hour, and returned again later to the exact location. My son turned to me and said, “what message does he have for us mom”?

The next day while on my walk I discovered a beautiful patch of mossy earth on which I laid down to journey around the message the owl had for me. The owl came and removed my eyes, replacing them with owl vision so that I will be able to navigate through darkness or uncertainties.

While on a trip to Montreal, I had more insight into the gifts the owl was presenting to me. I attended a symposium created by the Pachamama Alliance who’s mission in part is ‘To contribute to the creation of a new global vision of equity, and sustainability for all’.

At the same time, my husband Todd was undergoing training with Al Gore and The Climate Project. Following this experience we dined in a restaurant called “Onoir”. Our blind waiter greeted us in the foyer, inviting us to hold onto the shoulder of the person in front of us, as he led us to the dining room. We entered through a thick black velvet curtain, and I immediately felt some fear arise in me. Dining in the dark provides an opportunity to go within, just like being on a vision quest in a cave and I surrendered to the fear. I felt I was preparing for some times of ‘uncertainty’ ahead, and that I may be asked to lead other’s through their own fear of change…of letting go of the familiar as we dream a new dream together.

Many people feel overwhelmed around the serious issue of ‘Global Warming’ and climate change. It is very important for us to remember that together, using our imaginations we are very powerful. Remember the ‘ozone layer’ and the hole that humanity created? It has been repaired as a result of our global efforts. During the symposium we were shown part of a list of the millions of communities and organizations that are working towards creating a more sustainable global vision. We could not see the whole list as it would have a few weeks to view. Each day more and more people are joining these efforts. We need to engage our imaginations in a new dream and let go of the old dream that does not serve the world. What can we do in our own backyards? What can we do in our own communities, families and homes? What small changes can we make everyday that contribute to creating healthy vibrant communities and planet?

The Owl has inspired a deep desire within me to make alliances with wisdom keepers around the world, helping to preserve and share this wisdom. It is time to come together in circles and council, creating communities where our gifts are supported and celebrated and where we can work towards a new shared global vision.


As a part of this vision we have the incredible opportunity of hosting a special visitor to the Edge Friday August 22 through Sunday August 24, 2008, Mandaza (Augustine) Kandemwa, who is a nganga, a Bantu shaman, in the Shona and Nbebele tradition of healing and peacemaking. Mandaza will be facilitating a retreat at the Edge during which we will be exploring dreams, performing ceremony and coming together in council. The cost to participate in this experience with Mandaza and others is $497.00 CAD. For more information on this and other gatherings at the Edge visit Shamanism Canada or call Kate, in the office, 800 953 3343.

Individual sessions with Mandaza providing healings/readings will be available on donation basis throughout his visit.

Journeying Through the Threads of Time:

Find a rock the size of your palm and another rock that is large and flat. With the rock’s permission, begin grinding the smaller rock onto the larger rock in a circular pattern, creating a sound you can journey to. Travel through the threads of time to your ancestors and ask why have you chosen to be on the planet at this crucial time? What special gifts have you come into this world to manifest?

Journey to your great grandchildren or descendants and ask what you can do to ensure they have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink and an Earth Mother who is able to nurture them?

Consider hosting a Medicine for the Earth, Inconvenient Truth, or Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream gathering in your community to help bring awareness to what we can do to change the dream.

Upcoming Gatherings at the Edge:

I also invite you to join us for one of our upcoming gatherings at Northern Edge Algonquin. Only for our newsletter subscribers we are offering a 10% discount when you register for Basic Shamanism, May 23-25 or Medicine for the Earth, June 13-15. Spaces are filling quickly so call Kate at 800 953 3343 to register.

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