Medicine for the Earth Shamanism Newsletter September, 2005

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Medicine for the Earth
Appreciation and Gratefulness
September, 2005
Hello Friends,

This is a series of Medicine for the Earth teachings that I am sharing once a month. The teachings are based on the book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, by Sandra Ingerman. Each month I lead a Medicine for the Earth circle at the Edge, and invite you to practice with us online. Through ritual, words and symbols, we will focus on deepening our connection with nature and our internal teachers to bring harmony and peace into our lives and to the planet. The purpose of these teachings is to share with you the formula for the ancient practice of transmutation to help transform environmental and personal toxins.

The parts of the formula for transmutation that we will be exploring are: Intention, Love, Harmony, Union, Focus, Concentration, Imagination. To deepen your experience I encourage you to find a copy of the book Medicine for the Earth and do the exercises. I also encourage you to write down your experiences in a journal. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about Medicine for the Earth, or any of the shamanic programs at the Edge.
Yesterday I spent the day in our waterfront beach garden. It has grown over the last 10 years, and includes many varieties of daisies, lilies, and other perennials. The day was beautiful with a deep blue sky, and colourful clouds. The wind was blowing heavily on the lake, creating spectacular dancing waves that shimmered from the light of the sun.
Over the years the garden has become more and more infested with grass, and other plants. I have been finding it difficult to weed these out, and so yesterday we dug up all of the plants, mixed in fresh compost and topsoil, weeded and replanted.
Any time I am in the garden I ask myself what the garden is reflecting to me in terms of my life. As I dig up the plants, I consider which ones I would keep and which plants are taking over. In my life I ask myself what no longer fits that needs weeding. What do I want to do more of? What do I have too much of, and not enough of?
I also spent a good part of the day harvesting the beautiful tomatoes, many of which had time to ripen, due to our unseasonably warm temperatures. This is the first year I feel as though I have been able to “enjoy the fruits of my labour” I often am really excited in spring and plant way too many seeds. Then I have to plant, water, nourish and care for those seeds. I seem to be able to do this, however when it comes to harvesting and using all that I have grown, I have had a difficult time. This year I have worked on planting sparingly and on harvesting all that I have grown, using it and enjoying it. Are you reaping the fruits of your labour in your life? What are you grateful for in your life? How are you abundant? What do you appreciate?
Setting Intention: Go to a sacred place in nature, where you feel a spiritual connection to the land. Hold an intention that you wish to give thanks for all of the abundance in your life. In this sacred place connect with the spirits of the land, the nature spirits, the ancestors and the elements fire, water, earth and air.
Read: Chapter on Appreciation and Gratefulness
Activity: Earth Walk From the sacred place in nature walk the earth using all of your senses. (senses activity)
Give Thanks: Using your favourite food, flower or drink go to your sacred place and with intention give thanks to all of those who have provided you with an abundant life. You may wish to say a prayer, sing a song or recite a poem. Do what is in your heart to do to give thanks for the abundance in your life.
Ideas: Earth walk, working on our senses activity, to work on appreciation, and abundance in our lives?

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