Quiet Retreat Morning

Published By on May 16th, 2008 in Edge Insider

Some mornings at the retreat are quieter than others. Depends on how many birds, chipmunks and other forest critters decide to welcome the day with their voices. This morning, as I walked the lakefront and watched the mist rise off the lake I was surprised to find the tracks of a moose who happened to walk through our garden. Not sure when he stopped by, but it was most surely before my sleepy eyes opened.

This quiet retreat morning at Ontario’s Algonquin Park, I’m going to sit here quietly and appreciate what makes this retreat so special, and what I’m thankful for. Then as Martha’s two year retreat students settle into their day I’ll make my way to the office to catch up on happenings ’round there. With a morning like this, I’m sure Kate won’t be too bothered by my late arrival.

Where ever you wake this morning, I hope you have some quiet time to appreciate in the stillness, the important things in your life.