Climate Change Presentation makes the News

Published By on May 12th, 2008 in Edge Insider

I’ve been working away at Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Climate Change presentation…. How do you improve on the content that a Nobel Laureate has given you?

Nevertheless, I’ve been working hard at making the story of climate change relevant to a wide audience and bringing stories of hope and action that are truly inspiring to the Climate Change presentation. Climate change can be a scary topic and for that reason alone many folks shy away from understanding that each of us holds a key to the sustainability of the planet for humans.

My son, Tim helped me develop a smart little 3 minute slide show that is based on the song – Suddenly I see, by KT Tunstall. It helps wrap up the presentation an a high note!

Oh, and I was delighted that the local paper came to capture the story of Climate Change for it’s readers.