Waterfalls, Watercolours & Wanderings

Published By on May 23rd, 2008 in Nature Connection

As the seasons change I am captivated by the beauty of mid spring in the north. Many birds are setting up new territories and beginning to lay eggs and raise their young fledglings hidden in the arms of trees and the cover of thickets and field edges. As each new day begins we arise to the sound of many birds singing their thanksgiving songs as the night turns into day.

It also reminds me of the approaching paddling season and the many days and nights spent exploring the many lakes and rivers of the beautiful and scenic Algonquin Park. I am already thinking ahead to our first trip of the season Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings taking place from June 27th – July 2nd. This is a 6 day canoe trip in the park exploring some cascading waterfalls, paddling across majestic lakes and relaxing in the tranquility of nature. There will be time for people to paint, swim, wander or just relax beside the lake as we Waterfalls in Algonquintravel casually through this scenic part of Algonquin. What a great way to begin the summer season.

In previous years we have observed many species of wildlife including deer, moose, otters, owls, great blue herons and made countless new dicoveries as we explored and paddled through this wilderness area. As with all of our canoe trips here at NEA all food, outfitting, guiding, and park permits are included in the price of the trip. I invite you to come and join us on this adventure experience as we kick off the 2008 canoe tripping season here at Northern Edge Algonquin.

All of the information about this and other Algonquin Park canoeing experiences can be found on our website at www.northernedgealgonquin.com

Looking forward to paddling with you this summer