Algonquin Park Adventure Retreats: Canoe Trips with an Edge

Published By on June 21st, 2008 in Nature Connection

algonquin park, Canada waterfalls canoe tripNorthern Edge Algonquin takes a lot of people into Algonquin Park, Canada by canoe. The Edge also offers retreats at the solar powered nature retreat. Something special happens when these two different things are put together. Staff at the Edge call these canoe trips into Algonquin Park, Adventure Retreats – and Northern Edge Algonquin invented them.

Much like the bold striking fashion statement made LittleMissmatched who offer socks in sets of three (none of which match) and unmatched bold-patterned flipflops, an Adventure Retreat with Northern Edge Algonquin brings together the seemingly discordant elements of adventure, with the reflective / creative nature of a retreat to offer a sassy Canadian holiday that is rejuvenating and inspiring.

Adventure retreat vacations for adults start at ‘the Edge’, an off-the-grid nature retreat on Kawawaymog Lake (Algonquin Park access point #1) with an overnight in our forest cabins and a memorable fireside dinner and buffet breakfast featuring colourful, mostly local, organic meals made by hand. Then under the care and guidance of our adventure retreat facilitator guides, guests are led into Ontario, Canada’s Algonquin Provincial Park interior from the beachfront for three to seven day overnight canoe trips.

For those seeking a summer holiday in Canada with the edge of adventure and the spirit of a retreat, Northern Edge Algonquin’s Adventure Retreats into Algonquin Park may be just the summer holiday you are looking for.