Healing Yoga Retreats

Published By on June 13th, 2008 in Edge Insider

Yoga has been a part of Northern Edge Algonquin experiences since 1997 when we featured our first events, which included the Fall Colours Wolf Howl Yoga Canoe trip into Ontario’s Algonquin Park.  Over the years, we’ve added the healing element of yoga to a number of retreats including Quest for Balance, our Yoga & Sea Kayaking Retreat and new this year, Yoga Rhythms: Yoga and World Drumming Retreat

This week, we’ve been hosting Doctors Without Borders HR department for a team building retreat that has included a number of adventurous experiences. For many participants, the highlight has been the yoga sessions which have been interspersed throughout the team building retreat.  Healing Yoga sessions with executive teams here at the Edge have helped team members lower their stress levels and achieve greater levels of achievement and have more productive, healthy relationships.