Hurray for Dragonflies

Published By on June 8th, 2008 in Edge Insider

Martha just returned from Stratford with a second dragonfly print…. Dragon flies are an important icon around the Edge.  We have prints on the walls and stone carving on the floor of the serving room in homage to these delightful critters.  As Martha and Greg are out in the garden today, they in particular are thankful for the return of the dragonflies to this part of Ontario’s Algonquin Park.  The dragonfly aerial assault on black flies and mosquitoes is underway.  At this time of they year, sitting on the beach under a cloud of dragonflies is the best way to keep biting insects at bay.

Making Algonquin Park safe for those of us who enjoy paddling, hiking and gardening today we take the opportunity to tip our hats and salute Dragon flies everywhere!