Waterfalls, Watercolours & Wanderings Canoe Trip

Published By on July 9th, 2008 in Nature Connection

Waterfalls in Algonquin Park - Manitou Lake

Summer has arrived here in Algonquin Park and we are ‘plunging’ into the paddling season. The heavy rains have kept the water levels high and we have just returned from our first Wanderings Waterfalls and Watercolours canoe trip into the park. We experienced a little bit of everything in terms of weather creating some memorable adventures and beautiful landscape photos. The star filled nights, beautiful sunrises and echo of the Loon across Manitou lake are soothing to the soul and make one feel connected to nature in a way that cannot be explained in words, but felt by the heart. We were fortunate to view a couple of Bald Eagles soaring overhead and paddle quietly pass a cow Moose and Calf as they feed contently on the edge of the river. Each experience and trip into Algonquin adds to the countless memories and stories that will be told for many years to come. I’m thankful for the ability to experience such a special place and share it with others. There are still many canoe trips into the park this season, check out the canoe trips and drop us a note about your dream trip. (skype Wendy or Kate)

Happy Paddling

North Tea Lake - Algonquin ParkSweet ViewManitou Lake - Algonquin ParkCow Moose and CalfManitou LakeSunrise over Manitou