Staff Voices: What is your most memorable moment this summer?

Published By on August 21st, 2008 in Edge Insider

What was your most memorable moment this summer in Algonquin Park?
from yoga goddess, Wendy Martin
There is a space in time for me.. within each trip that I believe I have felt and shared with participants utter stillness… a place where the outside environment and our internal environment merge.. and we float in complete brilliance and stillness and for these moments we are at the center of the world and in complete balance…
I have also discovered the joy and eagerness of myself and others to strip away all the unnecessary layers that keep us from each other and the earth. The more we work at stripping away what keeps us from our most authentic life, the closer we become within humanity. For us to have the support and encouragement of strangers on a soul level connects us to a common thread of hope for healing both within ourselves others and the precious earth we reside on. These are the moments I treasure….
~ Wendy

from the Edge kitchen, Gregor shares:

My most memorable moment so far has been the somewhat delicate retrieval of a piping hot pizza from the wood fired oven during a torrential down pour. This was especially challenging because my peel just barely fit between two waterfalls pouring down the chimney that runs through the live roof we planted last Spring. It was raining so hard that the water ran in sheets on top of the topsoil and under the flashing surrounding the chimney, so not only was the volume of water incredible, there was a lot of HOT water. In the end, all the pizzas were served hot and dry to the Quest for Balance participants and it was only me that came out soggy and a bit cool.
~ Gregor

from Algonquin Park adventure-land, Alexis says:

My favorite part about this summer has been all of the wildlife that we have been experiencing on our trips. Just this week we saw a black bear swimming and a HUGE bull moose feeding on smartweed in a secluded bay.  Algonquin park is such a magical and special place. Listening to the call of the loons as you sit next to a campfire or the howls of wolves in the far off hills as you sleep is music to my spirit. It’s so hard to pick just one thing. The whole experience is my favorite part. Watching the stars and the full moon glisten off the lake or the misty morning paddles on water that looks like ‘glass’. All of these things are food for my soul and help to maintain balance in my life.
~ Alexis

from the office, Wendy (Office Wendy!)

My favorite part of the summer is finally having a bit of freedom! Since Griffin is now at a stage that I feel comfortable leaving for a while, or we can do things because he isn’t a fragile baby anymore I’m enjoying the nice weather by getting out to the lake to enjoy a swim, hiking and having some time to myself. Another ‘favorite’ would be enjoying my new found love, the camera!
~ Wendy

the queen of sole, reflexologist, Vicki

It is hard to pick just one moment there have been so many this summer.. . I would have to say sitting down on the yoga dock with my feet dangling in the water; the suns rays warming my body as I made garlic baskets with the reed that I had dyed the day before in so many brilliant colors.
~ Vicki

Our resident flower-child, Martha

Martha is out on a canoe trip with Mandaza and a dozen of her two year students, undoubtedly experiencing her most memorable moment of the summer.

as for me, Todd

My most memorable experience this summer has been the sheer enjoyment I’ve had watching our partners (all our staff at the Edge!) deliver meaningful, memorable experiences to our guests. Whether answering the phone, greeting guests, serving a meal, or facilitating a learning experience, I am proud and humbled to be associated with such an inspiring team of passionate people.
~ todd.