Algonquin Park Family Canoe Trip – 10 year promise kept

Published By on September 1st, 2008 in Nature Connection

Markus, daughters and friends head into Algonquin Park - Labour Day 200810 Years ago, I guided a small group into Algonquin Park on a short canoe trip. I remember scant details from the trip, aside from the fact that it rained buckets and we had a wonderful opera singer from Europe on the trip who remarked,

” The Outhouses in Algonquin Park are nicer than those in the Concert Hall of Azerbaijan.”

Markus Landenberger-Schneider was a wonderful bright German man who always had a smile and delight at the beauty, tranquility and wildlife of Algonquin Park, particularly the birds. Upon departure from that trip, Markus remarked that he would return some day in the future with his daughters who weren’t yet old enough for such an experience in Algonquin Park.

This morning he and his eldest daughters 15 and 12, joined their friends from Germany and headed into Algonquin Park on a family canoe trip, fulfilling a promise that was made 10 years earlier. As we embrace, recalling how things have changed and become more beautiful at our home on Kawawaymog Lake, Markus laments that his wife is not able to come this time because she is at home with their 3 year old daughter.

Nevertheless, I gather, when Markus and company return from their canoe trip later this week, there may be another promise to bring his wife and youngest daughter on another trip to Canada to experience Algonquin Park with us. We look forward to their return visit