Almaguin High School Students Introduced to Shamanism

Published By on October 16th, 2008 in Circle Stories From The Heart

I just came back from presenting “Shamanism” to a world religion class at Almaguin High School in my hometown of South River, Ontario. The class was an hour 1/2 long and the students seemed to be very interesting if not captivated by the topic. There was a time I would hesitate to present shamanism in schools, and feel that the time is ripe now. There is growing interest as the veils are lifting.

After a talk about the importance of our imagination, I invited them to go to their favourite place in nature within their imagination. Monika, a graduate of the 2 year advanced training in shamanism assisted me as we rattled and rang bells while inviting them to release what may keep them from being present.

I shared a story with them of how long ago humans forgot about the their connection to all the beings and how this spell is being broken each time each person reconnects with the divine light within. I shared my own personal story of shamanism and how it has affected my life.

I appreciated this opportunity knowing that the youth hold the future in their hands. I appreciate their openness and imagine the youth of our world uniting as one creative force.


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