I’m Going to Meet Al Gore in Montreal

An Inconvenient Truth has transformed the way people think about Climate Change. Now, I’m getting ready to go meet Al Gore in April to get trained to deliver An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore’s slide show!

I can’t wait and look forward to sharing the presentation with many people over the next few years!

Your comments.

  1. Robin Majumdar says:

    Sounds interesting… I read somewhere that the training registration fee was $1250 – is that true?



  2. Toddles says:

    Hi Robin, Nope, the fee is $0.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Todd, my concern with one of the main themes used in the Climate Change message, is the use of climate events like Hurricane Katrina and the drop in water levels in the Great Lakes (especially Lake Superior) as examples of Global Warming.

    There has not been another major hurricane in the US since Katrina. Water levels in the Great Lakes are rising, and here on Lake Superior, water levels have made up all the loss in 2007 and is on track to get back to normal levels. The same quick recovery happened in 1926-28, when record low water levels were set for Lake Superior, so it is not a recent phenomenon.

    I am afraid of what may happen when people here “the sky is falling in” or ” crying Wolf!” one too many times when they see that severe weather is not happening as often as they have been lead to believe.

    I feel the greater message is that the carbon/Global Warming message is only one of many threats to the world’s atmosphere. We have been using it as a garbage dump and our attitude on all emissions has to change.

    Joel Cooper

  4. Toddles says:

    Hi Joel, thanks for sharing.
    The global concensus is that Climate Change is real, is being contributed to in a big way by humans, and will have devastating effects around the world. Unfortunately for our sympathies, most of us in central Canada will be less directly affected, at least in our homes….. we’ll see economic and social consequences for certain. Time to make a difference, at least for me.

  5. toddles says:

    oh, Joel… we need to remember that climate and weather are two different things. While we may not notice small changes in our own weather, across the globe, others are feeling the heat, floods, drought and rising water – all as a result of emissions we’re contributing to.