What is Daré

This is a video of Mandaza (Augustine) Kandemwa, who is a nganga, a Bantu shaman, in the Shona and Nbebele tradition of healing and peacemaking. In this video Mandaza shares the importance of Dare´in family and community as a way of peacemaking. He also shares the importance of ‘dreams’.

We will be hosting Mandaza at Northern Edge Algonquin August 22-24, 2008. Embraced by nature we will engage in ceremony, ritual, and council inspired by Shona and Nbebele traditions of Zimbabwe with the intent of bringing healing and peace to ourselves, each other and the planet. Gathered together in Council including Dream Council, we will call on the spirits, listen deeply, explore and weave our dreams and spirits’ messages in community creating a beautiful tapestry inspiring hope.

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