What Can Penguins teach us about Dreams?

Published By on January 5th, 2009 in Circle Stories From The Heart

After our New Year’s Eve dinner I invited our family and friends to gather outside around the big cedar tree, where Todd and I had placed about 20 ice lanterns with candles ready to light. After reading from Marianne Williamson’s book ‘A Return to Love’ about shining our divine lights, each person was invited to light a candle as they held an image of the dreams they had for themselves, family, community and the planet.

The wind was bitterly cold blowing off the lake, and at first none of the candles would light. Just like the penguins in Antarctica, we all huddled together around the person lighting their candle, to ensure their candle lit…even if for a brief moment. I was amazed at everyone’s patience, especially my 4 year old grandson ‘Aiden’, who’s job was to shine his headlamp onto each lantern, which he did with great focus and determination!

The experience was a metaphor for me of the importance of supporting one another in our dreams…that it is difficult on our own to keep our flames and dreams burning, but together with the support of other’s we are more likely to succeed in maintaining our focus and manifesting our dreams.

Penguins have much to teach us about teamwork, cooperation and working in partnerships and as a collective to achieve success. May the seeds of your dreams be nourished with love and light while supported by the Spirits, community and the universe!

With love and gratitude! Martha

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