Winter Time @ the Edge

Published By on February 6th, 2009 in Edge Insider

Algonquin Park Outdoors winter Adventure

Things have been moving at “winter’s pace” around Algonquin Park lately.    Yesterday morning the mercury read -35 degrees and everything was laying pretty low waiting for the morning sun to break the deep freeze that has set in the last couple of days.    Imagine being  one of the many animals that live in the forests here, what would you be doing in these temperatures?  It makes me think of the Native Algonquin  people who are the original inhabitants of this land.    Traditionally this area including Algonquin Park was utilized by small family groups who would break from the larger villages  and spread out across this bountiful land to hunt for the winter.    Would they be ready for  the winter to transition into spring?  What kind of shelters would they be living in?  What would their daily routines be like?   These people blended with the landscape and were a natural part of the eco-system.    The original caretakers of this land.    I was thankful for these people who went before us.     How can we follow in their footsteps?     How thankful are we  for the gifts  and comforts that we have in this day and age?     How can I be the most effective caretaker of this land?     What gifts and visions do I have for the future?    Just some of the questions that I asked myself as I walked across the frozen lake towards the Edge. Today is a beautiful day, a new day.    May we walk our paths in a sacred manner for the future generations.