Forest Fire Season – a Close Call on Kawawaymog Lake

Published By on June 18th, 2009 in Edge Insider

Last week, careless campers stopped by a neighbour’s island cottage and neglected properly putting out the campfire. As a result a number of trees went up in flames, just a few metres from the beautiful cottage.

Upon arriving home from the office and seeing smoke and fire on the island I dashed over to the park permit office to alert folks there to contact the MNR and get a fire suppression team to the site.

Within the hour, a waterbomber and helicopter carrying fire fighters arrived on the scene and proceeded to extinquish the fire. The grainy video taken from our beach, about a mile away shows the helicopter landing on the west side of the island and the airplane dropping two of four loads of water to extinguish the fire and protect the cottage.

Firefighters remained on the island overnight to ensure flare-ups didn’t occur.

A seasonal close call that reminds us all to make sure fires are dead out.

Sometimes it may seem like overdoing it, pouring water and stirring fire pits but all it takes is a bit of wind to put a forest at significant risk.

Download Fire Suppression Video