How I am Preparing Myself for the Sacred Fire Ceremony!

Published By on June 23rd, 2009 in Circle Stories From The Heart

As the Sacred Fire Ceremony in Greenland approaches I find myself filled with anticipation. I know that Spirit has been helping me to prepare since the first day I met Angaangaq.

I regularly journey to the sacred fire and witness the flame igniting the hearts of many. I feel a great responsibility within myself to be as prepared as I can be, as I see the great impact that this ceremony will have on each one who participates and the whole.

This morning in a journey I went to the fire and was invited to step into the flame. The fire spoke to me and said that the best way that I can prepare myself for this ceremony is to be prepared to let go of everything…..let go of who I know myself to be…..let go of fear….and surrender. I became engulfed in the flames, surrendering to the fire and felt my energy and vibration rising higher and higher. This reminds me of a chant that I learned from my teacher Sandra Ingerman “Fire, fire rising higher….fire, fire, transforming me’.

These are some questions that I am journeying/reflecting on to help me prepare for the Sacred Fire Ceremony.

1. What is my purpose/intention in participating in the fire ceremony?
2. What am I prepared to leave behind?
3. What are my fears?
4. What are my dreams?
5. What am I prepared to let go of to achieve my dreams?

Whether you are participating in the ceremony in Greenland or elsewhere I invite you to join me in preparing for significant change and healing that is to come.

“Behold! The time has come! The time has come to Unite as One! Behold! The time has come to encircle the Earth with our LOVE”!

In light and love, Martha

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