Morning Tea with Moose

Published By on June 29th, 2009 in Edge Insider

Imagine walking down the trail or slowly paddling the morning mist and coming across a moose! For many people who join us for Morning Tea with Moose canoe trips in Algonquin Park such encounters are often the norm.









cc Algonquin Park Yearling Moose photo: Natalie Lucier

Moose are generally docile and since canoeing is a quiet, slow activity moose are often not startled at the presence of people, instead continuing to chew away on delicious water lilies.

On our early summer trips, guests paddling the Amable du Fond River at Access Point #1 to Algonquin Park often come across moose quietly nibbling away at fresh water lilies.  Sitting from the bow seat of a canoe, enjoying a fresh morning coffee while watching moose browse is a favourite way to star the day.

early season moose encounter at algonquin park amable du fond river - mom and son in a canoe