What are you leaving on the cutting room floor?

Published By on June 3rd, 2009 in Compass Connections

Funerals are wonderful opportunities to reflect on our lives and the important people in them. At a recent funeral gathering I was speaking with a dear friend and opined that perhaps we can consider our lives as just still frames in a much longer movie. We live on in our children and in the lives of others where for at least one shining moment we make a difference.
I hope that time spent with my family and friends, and participating in life-enhancing activities that enable me to connect with the deeper parts of myself and this wonderful world don’t end up on the cutting room floor because I decided that I didn’t have time for them. I must make time for the important things in my life if I am to be happy and fully content with the life I’m living, now and at the end of my days.
I’m taking time to reflect today on the things that are part of the movie of my life and wondering what things in my movie would be best left on the cutting room floor, making room for more important things. As I sit here typing, I am called to hop in my kayak and make a slow turn about the bay here in our corner of the lake. Yes, even when living in a wonderful world such as I do, it can be easy to overlook the importance of enjoying my surroundings every day. I am making a commitment to go for a sea kayaking paddle tomorrow morning before tending to the other needs of business and living. I know I’ll feel better having made this choice to start off my day.
And when the gang (Martha, Tim, Emily and Natalie) return to the lodge, I’m going to spend some quality time with each of them and all of them.
Just Think About it: What would you like to pick up off the cutting room floor and make room for in the movie of your life?
Just do it: Choose one thing to enhance your day tomorrow and make a commitment to do it. You will have to also commit to cutting something less important out of your day in order to make it happen.