Seeking Solitude Canoe Trip

Published By on July 14th, 2009 in Edge Insider

summer-2009-085Hey Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that our Algonquin canoe trips are  in full swing and we have many exciting trips planned for the rest of the summer.    Call Wendy in our office or check out the website for more details.

I have just returned home from a week in the park on the Seeking Solitude trip and it was a truly magical experience.    The beauty of the park at this time of year is unparalleled, so many shades of green in the forest.    Our trip coincided with the full moon and we watched her rise above the Algonquin hills each night before going to sleep under the stars.     We got the chance to see lots of the local wildlife including; moose, muskrat, beaver, great-blue herons, american bitterns, loons snapping turtles and many other species.    For the two nights we spent on Biggar lake we were the only people there and had the chance to experience the solitude and serenity that comes with spending multiple days in a wilderness setting.    We shared a lot of great food, amazing stories and laughter around the camp fire at night and grew  into a ‘tight-knit’ family by the end of the week.    I’m thankful to the land  and the waters that we paddled together as well as to all those who joined us on this Algonquin wilderness adventure.    Until next time…..

Happy paddling