Mobile Media Labs Arrives in South River

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I know, I know we just blogged about this upcoming event. However, I have lots more info to share and figured this was the best place for it. Lieanne, of
NNMMLC sent me the lesson plan and basic itinerary for both days of Video Production.

What you need:

Detailed Lesson Plan

(for class max of 20)

Concept development

Story boarding – taking an idea from the concept stage to a working template for your video. In this portion of the workshop we will ask participants to briefly talk about their business and what the wish to take away from this workshop. Once we have listened to each of you we will break you up into working groups to get started on your project concept. This project will end up being a short “mockumentary” (15 – 30 sec) outlining the benefits/resources and wow factor of your product/resort/business.

Basic Camera operation

In this portion of the class time, we will go over the basic mechanics of camera operation. The Lab will provide two digital cameras – HD and DV. If you have a camera of your own and want to bring it please do. We would prefer that they take mini DV tape but we can work with memory chips as well.

Interview set up – It may sound simple enough but getting a good interview can be tricky. You will learn how to set up sound/light/ and shots for interviewing by working with your classmates as subjects. These will be short little interviews where you will get to act as an interviewer and then switch to be the interviewee.

What makes good b-roll (these are images you can use to visually show what your subject is talking about). B-roll is essential to a great video. Although your subject may be involved and look great, impact is always better if you can shows us visually what your are talking about.

Rule of thirds – how to ensure the images you are capturing are visually pleasing and appropriate for subject matter.

Basic Assembly Edit

In this portion of the workshop, participants will be show how to take raw footage and assemble it with Final Cut Software. They will then learn how to take their raw footage and cut it together into a working rough copy of their project.

Day One

9:00-11:30 Concept work and divide into groups

11:30-12:30 Basic camera set up for interviews ( helpers on hand)

12:30-2:30 Interviews process

2:30-4:00 B-roll

Day One-Edit

9:00-12:00 Capture footage and begin edit process using story boards

1:00-2:30 Assembly Edit and burning process

2:30-4:00 Wrap up and viewing of projects

Looking forward to seeing you all there. For more info call me at 705-386-1595, email me [email protected], and visit our Facebook Fan Page,

For more info on NNMML visit their site,