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Published By on April 6th, 2009 in Edge Insider

Wendy’s got lots of juicy information for you all regarding our upcoming Yoga events here at the Northern Edge Algonquin. Take a peak at the newsletter below, and contact us for more detailed information about any of the following events this Spring and Summer season.

Wendy’s Newsletter

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Pat Spriel
11 years ago

Please explain your hieroglyphic pricing quotes. How do you expect potential consumers like myself to understand the cost of your retreats without any kind of legend to explain these codes. What does “p” mean? What does “d” mean? What does “C” mean? What is the total actual cost of a retreat? I am looking for peace and tranquility ….. not chaos and confusion. It’s not a good initial impression for me.

11 years ago
Reply to  Pat Spriel

Hi Pat. Oh no, this is not a great start to your search for “Peace and Tranquility”. We will review the information we post regarding cost and make necessary changes. As always we appreciate the feedback potential visitors provide us. Although I am in the process of sending you further information addressing your concerns (stay tunned to your inbox) “p” is person, “d” is day, and “C” is Canadian (referring to Canadian dollars). Once again thank you for pointing out that this may be confusing to some viewers. I will be in touch shortly. Kate Hood

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