Local = Sustainable

Published By on June 3rd, 2010 in Experiential & Sustainable Tourism

In our region we have a Facebook Group of Locavores – people who grow, distribute and enjoy locally grown food.

Every community has local providers of food.  Ours uses technology of Facebook to connect this community of local foodies.

Local, Local, Local

I got an interesting email from the group this week that illustrates how a strong local business ecosystem can help enhance the sustainability of your community.  In this case, a local retail store is interested in showcasing and selling local goods!  This is exceptionally interesting because the store, Vested Interests travels the world bringing global community produced goods to their North American home in North Bay, Ontario, making the goods available for retail sale.  Their focus has always been about Fair Trade and Responsible Trade.

Now, Add LOCAL to that mix – perhaps the most responsible, sustainable choice, especially in tough economic time

Laurel Ronan sent this message to the members of Near North Locavores on Facebook.

Subject: Calling All Local Producers: Great Opportunity with Vested Interest!

Dear fellow Locavores,

We are please to announce our support for a new and exciting venture that is being undertaken by Vested Interest that is both sure to benefit local food producers, as well as local eaters!

A little while back, Brent and Jenn Bywater, the owners of Vested Interest has approach the Near North Locavores with their idea. They are looking to carry products grown and made by local producers in their store, which is centrally located in downtown North Bay.

To start with they are looking to carry products with a longer shelf life, and may expand further to other products, dependent on the success of this initial trial run.

If you are a producer who might be interested in getting involved (or know of another Near North food producer who might be, for more information and application please contact Jenn and Brent Bywater at (705) 474-5055 or email them at [email protected]

Vested Interest is hoping to stock their shelves with local food products starting in August, so applications are welcome now.



I love the fact that local foodies are connecting with responsible retail! Vested Interests has always been recognized as a leader, and now they are a Local Champion!

Sometimes, I’m so proud of our community!

Who are your local champions?