Closing the Gaps in the Circle

Published By on September 3rd, 2010 in Circle Stories From The Heart

In July, just after returning from a Vision Quest I had a dream. I was in Algonquin Park with a circle. I saw gaps between people in the circle and was doing my best to let the circle know it was important to close the gaps. Everyone’s attention was directed at something else and they did not hear me. I repeated my concern several times, as I looked out beyond the trees and landscape.

Suddenly, I saw a black wolf coming towards the circle. I stomped the staff that was in my hand to get the attention of everyone, and with my strongest voice I called the circle to close. The gaps in the circle closed as a black wolf encircled us.

We have arrived at the times of big change. All around us is enormous fear, envy, despair, anger, jealousy, conflict, sadness, illness, disease and confusion.

As the circle expands the potential for bringing about positive change on our
planet also expands. It is very important for the ‘gaps’ to be closed and for the space inside to be kept clean, clear and sacred. It is the ‘shadow’, within ourselves and others that looks for openings to enter the circle causing division, separation and fragmentation.

The dream inspired these journey questions. What is needed to close the gaps and mend the fabric that connects us all? How do we maintain the integrity of the circle?

It is the power of love that heals and fills the gaps in the circle. May our circles continue to expand and strengthen with the power of love at our center.

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