Bearing Witness to the Power of Love in Action!

Published By on September 2nd, 2010 in Circle Stories From The Heart

Recently we had the honour of celebrating the new graduates of the 2 Year Advanced Shamanism program at the Edge. The weekend was very full as the program came to completion by the merging of ceremonies to honour the graduates and welcome them into the Peaceful Heart’s Circle.

The ceremony of welcoming and coming home touched my heart deeply. On Saturday evening, I drummed behind the new graduates as they were gently led to the dock by past graduates, blindfolded. As the heartbeat of the drum played, each initiate was so very tenderly cared for by the ‘Peaceful Heart’s Circle’ with such deep respect. They were each positioned carefully into a boat, and then in the quiet darkness led to a place of melting the limitations that were anchoring them from achieving their dreams.

As I watched from the shore, listening to the elder on the dock, calling to them “It is time to dissolve limitations and claim the gift that is waiting for you”, my heart filled. As I saw the tenderness with which each initiate was held, I wept. I was seeing the dream that I held in my heart, manifesting right in front of me. I was bearing witness to the Power of Love in Action!

Later as they were each led up the ancestor stone staircase, greeted by anancestor and led into the garden of gratitude, I gave thanks for all those whohave supported me in manifesting the dream of birthing this circle. They were led to the ‘Pathway of their Dreams’, entering a tunnel that was sacredly prepared for them.

I stood there watching and after the last person entered the tunnel, it was clear to me that it was time for me to enter the tunnel and be welcomed home into the Peaceful Heart’s Circle. I walked through with deep love and gratitude in my heart, and when I was introduced to the circle felt such enormous love, that I could not contain it. Each one that greeted me, filled me so much that the love spilled out of me, in joyful, heartful tears and laughter.

The circle is connected now, and filled with the power of love. It is love that heals and changes the world.I am so very grateful for the gift of the circle and for the opportunity to bear witness to the power of love in action. With deep gratitude and a full heart, I give thanks.~ Martha

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