Interview with Sandra Ingerman on "How to Thrive In Changing Times"

Published By on September 8th, 2010 in Edge Insider

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sandra Ingerman about her new book ‘How to Thrive in Changing Times’.  I invite you to give a listen to the deep wisdom Sandra has to share about the times we are experiencing.

Audio Interview with Sandra Ingerman on ‘How to Thrive in Changing Times’

“I know in every cell of my being that we can shift the challenges on the planet today by working together to bring forth the invisible energies into the visible. And as a global community we can manifest a world filled with harmony, peace, health, love, light, abundance, and joy for all. We must move out of defeatist ways of thinking and keep our focus on the vision of the world we wish to live in.”
~ Sandra Ingerman